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Attractions & Excursions

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Biking (Starts at our farm)

In and around Wang Saphung you can do several biking tours. The roads are quiet, explore local villages and enjoy routings through the plantations such as rice, sugarcane, rubber and much more. The local people loves to  welcome you and are happy that finally some foreign tourists start to discover their beautiful province!

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Visit Huay Krating Mountain Lake (45 km from our farm)

Huay Krating Mountain lake is a quiet place to swim and relax! Rent a house raft and float for hours on this peaceful lake. Indulge your lunch on your raft. A few hours floating on your raft could be compared to a type of meditation as well. A great place to clean up your mind!

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Little Kunming (45 km from our farm)

Suan Hin Pha Ngam also known as "Thailand’s Kunming" are limestone mountains aged around 230-280 million years. An uplift of the earth’s crust, together with millions of years of natural rot have made this mountain strangely beautiful, similar to the stone garden in Kunming (China). Therefore, it was named "Thailand’s Kunming". There's also a tourist information center within the compound. To admire nature, interested guests can do a tour around the stone garden, partly by a longtail tractor.

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BBQ at the Sirila Farm

An appetizing barbeque with excellent wine and other drinks. As there is no electiricty - candles, torches and a campfire are fascinating and romantic. Stargaze the night through with a sky full of gleaming stars!

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Phu Pha Phor (49 km from our farm)

Just 4 km from "Little Kunming". This attractive land is very different from "Little Kunming", truly stunning. An "Etan" car (60 baht per person) will take you to 3 wonderful mountainous viewpoints. Most of the time throughout the year you will see many flowers as well. For the last viewpoints you have to walk a few hundred meters (not recommended in the rainy season). From here on, you will have a breathtaking view on the so-called Fuji Mountain.

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Wang Saphung Local Market

Every night in the middle of the town, there's a ton a of tasty local food!


Visit Chiang Khan (70 km) One of Thailand's most beautiful villages

Huddled by the Mekong River and situated on the opposite side of the Saiya Buri region of Laos, Chiang Khan was once a hectic trade route. It is now gaining recognition as a tourist destination thanks to its vintage shops, architecture, culture and generous local population. Today Chiang Khan is a small and lovely town. The town is quiet and holds a simple lifestyle. It is a very nice place for relaxation. Let your mind drift into the local life. Chiang Khan has been influenced by the French colonial as evidenced by some old wooden houses. Discover impressive and very old teak wooden guesthouses of Thailand. Stroll along  a small street on the banks of Mekong river, a relaxing thing to do in the early morning or late afternoon. Explore the photogenic narrow streets with small local restaurants and petite shops. Rewind back in time for years! A boat ride at the Mekong river is a special trip as well! You can hire a boat at Chiang Khan or at Kaeng Khut Khu. 

Phu Pha Phor mountain.JPG

Na Duang Bat Cave (50 km from our farm

More than 6 million bats fly out every night! It is very spectacular to spot them, it could take several hours before they are all out of the cave! The place is quiet and (very surprisingly) not yet discovered by a lot of people. 


Wang Saphung Saturday Night Market

A huge local market with clothes, food, toys, tools and much more! A spectacular local experience. Locals will definitely welcome  you! 


Phu Ruea National Park (50 km from our farm)

The peak of Phu Ruea (1,365 meters above sea level) has been regarded the coldest location in Thailand during the winter season for several years. Phu Ruea covers an area of approximately 120 square kilometers, featuring cool climate, lush pine forest and beautiful winter flowers. Other attractions include observation points, waterfalls, rock gardens, and caves with highlights such as Pha Lon Noi, which offers a spectacular sunrise and beautiful scenery, Pha Sub Thong, a very steep cliff, Namtok Huai Phai, a 30 meter-high waterfall, and Phu Ruea Summit, which provides a fine view of Huang and Khong Rivers. The foot of Phu Ruea also finds Chateau de Loei Winery, a huge vineyard with modern wine-making facilities.


Phu Luang Wildlife Sanctuary (8 km from our farm)

Thanks to the cool climate all-year, lush pine forest and scenic landscape, Phu Luang is a home sweet home for numerous rare wildlife animals. Trek into the jungle and experience true beauty of the nature. Trekking at this wildlife sanctuary requires an accompany by an officer. The park is still housing quite a number of wild elephants. However, to spot them in daytime is very difficult. 

Advance reservations must be made at Phu Luang Tourist Office, Wang Saphung District Office, in order to arrange accommodations, food and a 3 days/ 2 nights tour. The best time for trekking is from October to May.

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Visit Phu Kradung National Park (65 km from our farm)

Hiking up to 1316 meters above sea level has always been an ultimate dream for many trekkers. It received the title of a nationally protected forest in the year 1949. The 60-square-meter top plateau of Phu Kradueng is blessed with beautiful sceneries, pine forest, wild flowers and cold climate. People love to camp to catch the first and last sunlight of the day.Pha Nok Aen, the cliff that offers a breathtaking view of the crimson sunrise, Pha Lom Sak, a sandstone ledge jutting into space providing a fine view of the hills and valleys and Pha Yiap Mek, where cottony clouds suggest a misty world of shadow figures are also worth a visit.The national park has accommodations and camping spaces provided. The park is closed to rehabilitation during 1 June – 30 September every year.

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Visit Dan Sai (95 km)

Enjoy many stunning panoramas while driving from Wang Saphung to Dan Sai. Dan Sai is another tiny village surrounded by soaring mountains. There are a few streets to explore and a local market as well. Another point of historical interest is Phra That Si Song Rak Stupa. Wat Neramit is another, really magnificent temple located on a mountain, just 2 kilometers out of the village. The wall paintings are truly delicate and the garden around the temple as well. To reach Dan Sai from Wang Saphung, drive along the Northern route and drive back via the Southern route. Both routings are impressive with astonishing panoramas. 


Visit Kaeng Khut Ku (74 km from our farm and 4 km from Chiang Khan)

Only a few minutes drive from Chiang Khan, Kaeng Khut Ku offers the most beautiful viewpoint over the mighty Mekong River. Savour a delicious meal in one of the restaurants while locking eyes on the river. On a beach of colored pebbles, children run into the river where they float around in tubes of old tires. It's a place to stay and see the river flow along. There is also a local market with plenty of local food and nice shops as well.

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